Hi, thanks for being interested in our work. We allow retranslations for our work in all languages excepting english with a few conditions:

  • Buy your own scans, this way you can support the author.
  • Keep our credits when you post your translations and give the credits for the original translation.
  • If we are doing a retranslation from english to spanish, then you can’t use our translation unless you ask the original english scanlator if they could give you permission to retranslate to your language.
  • Understand that we can’t give you our scans, coloring, uncensoring and/or cleans for your retranslation.
  • You have three months to post the re-translation or else the permission will be given to another scanlation.

From now and on, I’m giving permissions to re-translate our works (as of november 2020), to only one scan per language. The works I gave you permission before november have multiple permission.

With that being said, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name of the project you want to re-translate.
  • Language you want to retranslate.
  • The site you will be posting your retranslations.

If I don’t reply you in one week, please feel free to ask me one more time.

− Staff Noire Moon